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Civil Airfields - FSX Acceleration

The scenery on offer here is free for individual use, but must not be sold for profit or traded in any way.  By downloading scenery or scenery elements you are agreeing to the terms and conditions imposed.  In some cases, the working documents are included in downloads to allow for further development of selected items of scenery.

All of the scenery elements here are created by Paul Pursglove, unless otherwise stated.

These airfield simulations are intended to give a better feel to the airports on approach and ground handing than the default microsoft renditions.

Scottish Western Isles Airfields

The Scottish Western Isles airports are intended  to add airfields which are not readily available from  other sources at present - August 2015.

Scottish Shetland Airfields

The Shetlands have some of the most demanding airstrips  in the world.  This environment is what the Brittain Norman Islander was developed for. Sumburgh has been left as Microsoft Default. All other airstrips are representative for 2015.

Scottish Orkney Airfields

The Orkneys have some interesting airfields, including the shortest commercial flight in the world from Westray to Papa Westray - 2 minutes or less. Apart from the main airport at Kirkwall, all other destinations are daytime only airfields.   All are representitive of 2015.


Wales is a very rugged country and airports are few and far between.  These offerings represent the smaller airports as they are  in November 2015.

Welsh Airports 

Fenland Airfields

Airfields at Boston and Whaplode Drove in Lincolnshire are small Airstrips for light plane use.

The Galapogos Islands have 3 operational airports which were modernized in 2014-15 to bring them up to international standards.

Galapagos Islands


Vanuatu is an island group in the Pacific with  29 airports on 20 separate islands, many of which have difficult VOR approaches and few facilities.  A challange for any desktop pilot.

Tuvalu has a single international airport on Funafuti Island.  The island group is in the mid Pacific to the North of Vanuatu and the North West of Fiji.  The Chalange here is locating the airport on its tiny island Atoll.


Fiji is the main hub for this part of the Pacific Ocean.  It has two busy international airports and flies scheduled flights to nearby island nations.

Under Development