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Small Scenery Items - FSX Acceleration

The scenery on offer here is free for individual use, but must not be sold for profit or traded in any way.  By downloading scenery or scenery elements you are agreeing to the terms and conditions imposed.  In some cases, the working documents are included in downloads to allow for further development of selected items of scenery.

All of the scenery elements here are created by Paul Pursglove, unless otherwise stated.

Nissen Huts
The Nissen hut was a modular frame and sheet structure
that could be quickly assembled and finished to a good
standard, suitable for storage or accomodation needs.

The simple design was invented during the Great War and
was extensively used througout World War 2.

RAF Generators

Canadian Push Generator and Trolly Accumulator

Posts and Poles

A      Steel Lamp Post 15' (1)
B      Steel Lamp Post 15' (2)
C      Steel Lamp Post 15' (3)
D          Steel Lamp Post 39'
E   Steel Lamp Post 39' Twin
F          Lamp Post 40' Quad
G      Lamp Post 3  Concrete
H         Small Telegraph Pole

David Brown Aircraft Tractor

Designed in the 1930's, this 30 ton capacity tractor had many design changes and colour schemes.