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Notes on Copyright (2002)

The Pterosaur Database holds copyright or copyright permission to all text and images on the web site.  It is an offence under British Law (Copyright, Designs & Patents Act, 1988) to copy or reproduce any part of this material for profit or gain.  It is also an offence under British Law to copy the material without permission of the copyright holder.  Copyright exists on the majority of this site for the lifetime of the producer, plus 70 years.

Where information and photographs are reproduced with permission, the copyright is held by the original author or photographer. (only 14 photographs are produced with permission). All other photographs and line drawings have been produced specially for this site.

Copyright legislation varies between different countries and the use of text and images outside of the United Kingdom and Europe will be bound by the laws in the countries concerned.

Under British Law, any photographs that were taken before 1911 are now out of copyright since the law at that time allowed a copyright period of 50 years from the time of the photograph being taken.  Photographs made before 1945 would have expired copyright in 1996.  In Britain, we are subject to British Law, irrespective of the laws of the country of origin of the material.

European Law (Jan 1996) also protects work for 70 years after the death of the creator.  Computer generated work is protected for 50 years from the moment of creation.  This is from the year 2007 for the Pterosaur Database homepage which is when it was redesigned, but it may different for individual pages.  Published editions are copyright for 25 years from the date of first publication.


The Internet

Unless a web site specifies otherwise, printing or storage of a web page may be an offence under the law.  Under "fair dealing" you are allowed to make a single copy of a page for your own study or research, but you must not pass that copy on to anyone else.

It is also an offence to include a web page from another site on your own web page.  Links are acceptable, but it is wise to notify other sites that you have links to their site (They may give you a reciprocal link).  It is acceptable to link directly to a home page, but links to other pages may be a problem.  Remember, web sites are copyright material.

Individual URLs and E-mail addresses are facts and can be copied.  However, compilations of web addresses are edited work and are therefore copyright.


The Pterosaur Database

This site is compiled to provide information for researchers and students of palaeontology.  It is produced free of charge.  However, the material is copyright.

If you are a researcher, museum professional or student, you may use the content of this web site in printed form for research or school work provided that you quote the source of the information.  Use of photographs requires permission of the copyright holder if they are to be displayed or published.  Permission can be requested by E-mail but you must have a written letter bearing the Pterosaur Database logo before permission is granted to use photographs for publication.  There is no charge for this permission at present (Aug 2003).  There may be a charge or restriction where the Pterosaur Database is not the copyright holder.


In the recent past there has been a problem with some students using other peoples work as their own.  This is an infringement of copyright and if discovered, could lead in some cases to automatic failure of a course. It is acceptable to use printed material from this site provided that photographs are not used in presented work without written permission and any printed material that is used has this source quoted.

Pursglove P., The Pterosaur Database, http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/ (date of access).

Photographic Copyright Source:

1994: The ABC of UK Photographic Copyright, British Photographers' Liaison Committee. 
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