Fossil Pterosaur Timeline

Pterosaur fossils are known from all of the continents on earth.  They are very rare as fossils and many interesting and strange types of pterosaurs have been found.  However, these fossils are only a small sample of the types that existed in the ancient past.

Fossil Pterosaurs


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  Late Cretaceous This time has the biggest pterosaurs like Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus.  There are very few small pterosaurs and birds are becoming more common.
  EarlyCretaceous Large numbers of short tailed pterosaurs dominate the skies.  Dsungaripterus, Ornithocheirus and Tapejara are characteristic of this age.
  Late Jurassic During this period, Pterodactylus and Rhamphorhynchus are the dominant species.  The long tailed and short tailed pterosaurs are living side by side.
Jurassic Middle Jurassic Rhamphorhynchus and Rhamphocephalus are long tailed species.  they appear to be quite rare at this time.  Pterosaur remains are seldom preserved.
  Lias Many new species of long tailed pterosaur are evolving. Dimorphodon and Dorygnathus show development in the jaws and wings of pterosaurs.
Triassic Late Triassic Primitive long tailed pterosaurs like Eudimorphodon are rare.  They have teeth with three cusps and strong skeletons.

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