Geological Stages in the United Kingdom

The Geology of the United Kingdom is complex and most of the Cretaceous sediments are across The Midlands and Southern England. The Stages and representative sediments are given - for simplicity, much has been omitted.  This chart only covers the pterosaur fossil sediments.


Late Cretaceous

100 - 65 Ma

Maastrichtian Trimmingham Chalk (Late Chalk).
Senonian Norwich Chalk (Late Chalk).
Turonian Middle Chalk.
Late Cenomanian Plenus Marls and Melbourne Rock, Early Chalk.
Middle Cenomanian Early Chalk.
Early Cenomanian Chalk Marl, Warminster beds.
Early Cretaceous (Albian and Aptian)

 118 -100 Ma

Late Albian Late Gault and Late Greensand, Red Chalk.
Middle Albian Early Gault, top of Late Greensand, Speeton Clay.
Early Albian Early Greensand, top of Folkston Beds, Shenelly Limestone.
Late Aptian Early Greensand, Folkston Beds, Ferruginous Sands.
Early Aptian Early Greensand, Atherfield Clays.
Early Cretaceous (Neocomian)

135 - 118 Ma

Barremian Weald Clay, Late Wealden Beds.
Hauterivian Hastings Series, Middle Wealden Beds.
Valangnian Ashdown Sands, Early Wealden Beds.
Berrisian / Ryazanian Durlston Beds / Late Purbeck Beds
Late Jurassic

-135 Ma

Portlandian / Volgian Lulworth Beds / Purbeck Beds, Portland Beds.
Late Kimmeridgian Hartwell Clay and Late Kimmeridge Clays
early Kimmeridgian Kimmeridge Bay Shales and Early Kimmeridge Clays.
Oxfordian Corallian Beds - Ampthill Clay and Late Oxford Clay.
Callovian Oxford Clays, Kellaway Rock, Kellaway Clay and Late Cornbrash.
Middle Jurassic Bathonian Early Cornbrash, Great Oolite and Inferior Oolite (Late Deltic Series),  Stonesfield Slate.
Bajocian Inferior Oolite (Early Deltic Series).
Early Jurassic

200 - Ma

Late Lias Bridport Sands, Peak Shales, Allum Shales / Cotswold Sands, Jet Rock and Grey Shale.
Middle Lias Marlstone Rock Beds, Sands and Clays.
Early Lias Green Ammonite Beds, Belemnite Marls, Black Marl, Blue Lias.

240 - 200 Ma

Rheatic Langport Beds and Late White Lias, Cotham Beds, Westbury beds and Contorta Shales.  Bone Beds at base contain few pterosaur fragments.
Keuper Marls and sandstones.
Bunter Sandstones with few fossils.