Fossil Pterosaur Eggs

For many years scientists had considered that pterosaurs would be born alive.  It was thought that the wings would not be contained in an egg.  That theory changed in 2004 when a fossil pterosaur egg was discovered in China.

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The first fossil egg was found in the Jehol Biota in China.  It was named  Avodectes pseudembryon and it clearly showed a folded up wing within the egg.  The pterosaur wing bones were well developed in the egg and this individual would have been able to fly soon after hatching.

Other eggs have been found in Argentina (2004) and in China, not far from the Avodectes site in 2009, was found a skeleton with an egg ready to be laid.

This pterosaur is Darwinopterus.  The find enabled other specimens to be identified as male of female.  This is the first time that scientists have been able to assign a sex to a fossil pterosaur with certainty.