Making Pterosaurs Fly

7. Paul McCready 1985

The Quetzalcoatlus Project was started in 1984 with a workshop to establish the feasibility of a design project. In 1985, McCready was commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution to build a half scale model of Quetzalcoatlus and in December 1985 the model pterosaur made its first flight. This flying model was much more sophisticated than previous flying models and used aviation technology in its construction. It had an autopilot device and a recovery parachute which could be controlled from the ground.

The project was used to produce an IMAX movie in 1986 for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D. C.

Paul B. MacCready, Jr. (1925 - 2007) was a US aerospace engineer specialising in low power flight. He was instrumental in designing a solar powered aircraft and a hydrogen powered plane.

1. The Background

2. Ernst Stromer 1913

3. Hankin and Watson 1914

4. Erich von Holst 1957

5. Bramwell and Whitfield 1974

6. Stephen Winkworth 1984

7. Paul MacCready 1985

8. Margot Gerritsen 2005

9. Matt Wilkinson 2007


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