The Vienna Specimen

The Vienna specimen (NHMW 1975/1756) is a Pterodactylus kochi from the Lithographic Limestone of Bavaria.  The fossil was discovered near Solnhofen in Bavaria.  It is a very fine preservation showing the wing membrane as a narrow wing, extending to the leg.

It is likely that the wing membrane in this specimen is folded under the wing bone, as it is far narrower than would be expected.  The patagium appears to join the leg at the mid-femur, though there is a debate that this may be due to tissue constriction post mortem.

Wellnhofer P., 1987, Die Flughaut von Pterodactylus (Reptělia, Pterosauria) am Beispiel des Wiener Exemplares von Pterodactylus kochi (WAGNER), Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, 88 A, Pp 149-162


1. The Background

2. 1873 - Rhamphorhynchus phyllurus

3. 1882 - The Zittel Wing

4. 1971 - Sordes pilosus

5. 1975 - The Vienna Specimen

6. 2002 - Jeholopterus

7. 2002 - The Dark Wing

8. Wing membrane structure

9. Examples of other specimens


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