The Ningcheng Rhae Pterosaur

Jeholopterus ningchengensis was discovered in the Daohugou beds of Ningcheng County in the part of inner Mongolia known as Neimongol, autonomous region of China.  It is thought to be the only fully adult Anurognathid pterosaur to be found.

The specimen shows a near complete covering of wing membrane and some additional evidence of hairs in pterosaurs. The picnofibrils are small and randomly distributed close to the body.  They are rarely observed on the patagium.

Analysis of the actinopatagium shows actinofibrils and other structures clearly visible.  The preserved structure has enabled a tissue section to be reconstructed through the wing membrane to give a good representation of the structures present in life.

Wang X., Zhou Z., Zhang F. and Xu W., 2002, A nearly complete articulated rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur with exceptionally well-preserved wing membranes and "hairs" from Inner Mongolia, Northeast China. Chinese Science Bulletin vol. 47(3), pp. 226-232.

Lü J.-C., Ji S., Yuan C.-X. and Ji Q., 2006, Pterosaurs from China. Geological Publishing House, Beijing, 147 pp.

1. The Background

2. 1873 - Rhamphorhynchus phyllurus

3. 1882 - The Zittel Wing

4. 1971 - Sordes pilosus

5. 1975 - The Vienna Specimen

6. 2002 - Jeholopterus

7. 2002 - The Dark Wing

8. Wing membrane structure

9. Examples of other specimens


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