Making Pterosaurs Fly

3. Hankin and Watson 1914

By 1914,  Hankin and Watson's paper on the flight of Pteranodon gave us an insight into the structure of large pterosaurs that was related to the way they could fly. They examined the joints and their range of movement in the wings of the pterosaur Pteranodon. The framework was now set for some real flying models.

Hankin E. H., 1912, The development of animal flight.  Aeronautical Journal 16, 24–40.

Hankin E. H. and Watson D. M. S., ;1914, On the flight of pterodactyls. Aeronautical Journal 18, 324–335

Ernest Hanbury Hankin, Chemical Examiner and Bacteriologist to the Government of the United Provinces and of the Central Provinces of India.  As a fellow of the Aeronautical society he had a keen interest in the flight of birds and pterosaurs.

David Meredith Seares Watson was a fellow and the Jodrell Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at University College, London.

1. The Background

2. Ernst Stromer 1913

3. Hankin and Watson 1914

4. Erich von Holst 1957

5. Bramwell and Whitfield 1974

6. Stephen Winkworth 1984

7. Paul MacCready 1985

8. Margot Gerritsen 2005

9. Matt Wilkinson 2007


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